Nature is my Passion

Nature is my passion

Nature and photography go hand in hand for myself and many other landscape photographers. Ontario is home to approximately 250,000 bodies of water that are classified as lakes, the exact number is unknown.

One of the most intimate ways to explore these lakes is by canoe. Getting off the beaten path away from civilization these days can be a challenge at times and the canoe is a great way accomplish this.

Pictured below is my restored 1956 Peterborough Minetta cedar/canvas canoe. Anyone who has paddled a cedar/canvas canoe appreciates it’s atheistic’s and romantic charm. Nothing beats the sound of water lapping off the bow as it gently glides through the water during an evening paddle. In the 55 year history of this canoe, I often wonder what water it has seen and the stories locked within it’s wood.

Photographing these canoes in nature is a pleasure, showing the relationship between the material used to build it, the people that developed it’s design and the purpose it was meant for. We now use these canoes for pleasure and a way to get away from it all.

I use this canoe to rediscover the beauty of nature, for nature is my passion.


One Response to “Nature is my Passion”

  1. timetales Says:

    Your blog title shows a man of good thought. I am at the present time building a 15 ft plywood stich and glue it’s all I can afford on a fixed income . My first canoe was an Oldtown that a guy gave me at the time he claimed it was 50 years old and that was about 1973 l lugged that thing around for quite awhile before I was able to restore it but when I did it opened up some really good times . I finelly lost it on the Hudson river , my wife and I had been on the river for some six weeks that night I was writteing in the log and a large ship came by I realized I hadn’t been pulling it ashore with the tide so I ran to the waters edge and it was gone we both went in differant directions but it was dark and we found nothing. Being with that canoe for those six weeks it had become part of us.

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